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Veero is committed to fair trade business, supporting artists and strengthening communities around the world. Our primary goal is to provide dignified, living wage employment to artisans from low-income communities and giving them an opportunity to earn an income. By creating these opportunities, we can slowly revive markets of craft that have been on a slow decline and at risk of marginalization. Employing these artisans and paying a dignified wage is our investment to these artists, and the goal is to give them the opportunity to earn an income and re-invest in their family first.

When you buy a VEERO item, you affect everyone who took part in creating that piece. Over the past few years, we have enriched several artisan cooperatives,  employing and empowering the artisans who work with us.

India and Pakistan

This was our first endeavor and attempt at creating a workroom employing skilled embroiderers, who at one time, mastered the art of hand embroidered Saris and other ethnic apparel in Southeast Asia. With the changing times, there was a production evolution, and larger facilities were able to create the same masterpieces with machine, and in half the time. Jobs were being lost, with a movement to larger, mechanical production. This beautiful art and skill has been diminishing, and the livelihoods of families in jeopardy.

Guatemala and Nicaragua

Indigenous folklore is the core of the craft market in Central America. Artisans are trained from young on techniques in pottery, embroidery, basket weaving, and wood carving. We have established a cooperative in Sebaco, Nicaragua, a village about 2 hours from the capital of Managua. Many of the women are the sole providers of the family and have had to choose between working and raising their children. We have created an opportunity where women can come to work, make a fair wage, and bring their young children to a safe, nurturing environment where they are cared for and fed nutritious meals while their mothers work. We are in the process of training them on how to apply their techniques to develop goods in line with current market trends.

In Palencia, Guatemala, teaching specific techniques to women with the absence of a craft skillset was an endeavor. But with much patience, instruction, and faith, these women have blossomed into artists, creating wonderful works of art.

Interested in volunteering or working with us?

We are always eager to hear from fellow lovers of hand made goods with a purpose. 

We are eagerly seeking out partners to work with us in producing proprietary collections. It is our responsibility to ensure that these women have up to date skills, and offer a support system to encourage leadership and growth, both on a personal and business level.


Product Development and Sourcing

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of producing your goods in one of our cooperatives, please email us at


We welcome designers and people of the trade to help with our training and artisan development. If you would like to pay us a visit and help we welcome you anytime and greatly appreciate the blessings and assistance. For more info please email us at